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No.1 "Model Infomation", "Application", "CGI" are not provided on the Status display. [FAQ: BL_WV10]

Answer... Select the camera in the camera list menu and select status display from the camera setup screen.
No.2 The image appears stretched horizontally. [FAQ: BL_WV10]
Answer... Adjust the TV's image mode.
(A widescreen mode can produce horizontal stretching.)
No.3 When monitoring a camera, the image changes to a static (still) image. [FAQ: BL_WV10]
  1. [Cause1]
    If the camera's refresh interval is changed using a PC, or if network communications are poor, the image may become static.

  2. [Cause2]
    Switch to another screen on the BL-WV10, then return to the monitoring screen and try again.

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