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No.1 For KX-HCM10 and KX-HCM8, when the firmware is updated to version 1.50 or later, the [Indicator Control] setting changes to [Turn on the Indicator during Power ON] by default. [Firmware_Update]

Answer... For KX-HCM10 and KX-HCM8, if your unit originally came with firmware version 1.33 or earlier, this setting returns to the factory default of [Turn on the Indicator during Power ON] when updating to firmware version 1.50 or later.
The unit is not malfunctioning. When updating to firmware version 1.50 or later, [Turn on the Indicator during Camera access] is added on the Indicator Control window. Please set the [Indicator Control] to the preferred setting again.
No.2 While upgrading the firmware, the Network Camera’s connection fails and the Top Page can not be viewed, even after switching the camera’s power off and on. [Firmware_Update]
Answer... The web browser may still be trying to transfer the firmware to the Network Camera. Please wait until the web browser times-out, and then try accessing the Top Page again.

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