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No.1 When the network settings are set to DHCP mode, the Network Camera's indicator continues blinking. [Setup: Network] [Indicator]

  1. There may be no network connection. If the Ethernet network indicator light is blinking, it means the camera is connected to the network. If it is not blinking, check to see if the Ethernet cable is in working condition and connected properly, and that the router and/or hub is switched on.
  2. If the camera has a network connection and the DHCP indicator continues to blink, the DHCP server may be down. Consult your network administrator or ISP to check if DHCP server is operating normally.

No.2 How does the indicator on the BL-C10A indicate the camera's status? [Troubleshoot: C10] [Indicator]
Answer... Reason
The following chart explains the status of the camera as shown by the indicator (LED).
LED color LED status Possible cause Possible solution
-- Off The incorrect AC adaptor is connected to the camera. Make sure to use the included AC adaptor.
The indicator is turned off. To indicate camera status using the indicator, turn on the indicator using "Indicator Control".
Orange Orange on or orange flashing (after camera is turned on)
The Ethernet cable is not connected properly. Make sure the cable is connected.
The user-supplied hub or broadband router is not functioning properly. Make sure the user-supplied hub or broadband router is functioning properly.
Orange flashing While upgrading the camera's firmware, you unplugged the AC adaptor before the upgrade was finished. Access the camera again with a web browser, then follow the on-screen instructions under "Update Firmware" and update the firmware.
Orange flashing (2 second intervals) The broadband router is turned off. Turn the broadband router on and wait for the Internet connection to be re-established.
There was a UPnP port refresh error. Repeat the "Automatic Setup" procedure described in the Getting Started manual. If the problem still exists, refer to the documentation included with your broadband router and configure the broadband router's port forwarding feature.
Orange on The Ethernet cable is not connected or the camera is not connected to the LAN (Local Area Network). Make sure the cable is connected.
Green Green flashing Automatic setup did not finish correctly. Refer to the Getting Started manual and complete the setup procedure.
The camera could not obtain an IP address from the DHCP server. When "Automatic Setup" or "DHCP" is selected as the connection mode, something may be prohibiting the camera from obtaining an IP address from the DHCP server. Consult your network administrator or service provider.
Green on (Normaloperation) .
Red Red flashing The camera may be malfunctioning. Please contact the place of purchase.
Red on Privacy mode is turned on. To turn off privacy mode, press the privacy button on the front of the camera, or access the camera as an administrator and turn off privacy mode remotely.

No.3 Indicator does not light. [Troubleshoot: BB_HCM3xxcameras] [Indicator]
Answer... Indicator is defined as normally off.
-> Change definition to be illuminated.

Using cross type LAN cable for connecting camera and network.
-> Use strait type LAN cable.

PoE equipped hub is not connected to camera.
-> Connect camera and PoE equipped hub with LAN cable.

Power is not supplied to PoE equipped hub.
-> Supply power.

Wire of LAN cable is broken.
-> Use the other LAN cable.

The number of connecting PoE equipment is over limitation of PoE equipped hub.
-> Some PoE hubs have limitation of number of connecting PoE equipment. In this case, reconnect some PoE equipment to be same or lower number of limitation.

Camera and/or PoE equipped hub failed.
-> Ask your servicer.

Using relay hub between camera and PoE equipped hub.
-> Camera should be connected to PoE equipped hub directly.

Using wrong LAN cable.
-> Cable should satisfy standard of category 5. The cable should be consisting of four pairs UTP/STP cable.
No.4 Indicator is blinking orange. [Troubleshoot: BB_HCM3xxcameras] [Indicator]
Answer... LAN cable is not connected properly.
-> Connect LAN cable properly.

Hub or router does not work correctly.
-> Check hub or router if it works correctly.

LAN cable is broken.
-> To change another LAN cable.

UPnP is not successful.
-> To check UPnP configuration, or configure UPnP again by using setup software in CD.

Power is off during firmware upgrading.
-> Access camera by browser and re-start and complete firmware upgrading again.
No.5 Indicator on camera is blinking orange. [Troubleshoot: BB_HCM3xxcameras] [Indicator]
Answer... Power was turned off during firmware upgrading.

-> Access camera by browser and re-start/complete firmware upgrading.
No.6 Indicator is blinking green. [Troubleshoot: BB_HCM3xxcameras] [Indicator]
Answer... Automatic configuration is not complete.
-> Complete setup following operating manual.

DHCP server does not assign IP address.
-> Confirm administrator of network or your network provider.
No.7 Indicator is not illuminated. [Troubleshoot: Zoom type camera] [Indicator]
Answer... Confirm that the standard AC adaptor is being used.
Indicator display is disabled.

-> Check if the indicator control is disabled
No.8 Indicator continues blinking red. [FAQ: BB_HCM3xxcameras] [Indicator]
Answer... The camera may be malfunctioning.

-> If you cannot access the camera, call our customer call center.
No.9 The POWER indicator blinks green. [Troubleshoot: HGW600] [Troubleshoot: BB_HGW700] [Indicator]
  • Blinking slowly: 1 second interval
    1. Input "" in the address field of the web browser.
    2. [Update Firmware] screen will be displayed, then update the firmware.

  • Blinking quickly: 0.4 second interval
    1. Turn this product off.
    2. With the power on, press and hold the FACTORY DEFAULT RESET button at the back of this product.
    3. The POWER indicator will go out in about 10 seconds, and then release the FACTORY DEFAULT RESET button.
    4. The POWER indicator will blink green again.
      Input "" in the address bar of the web browser.
    5. [Update Firmware] screen will be displayed, then update the firmware.

No.10 The POWER indicator is red. [Troubleshoot: HGW600] [Troubleshoot: BB_HGW700] [Indicator]
Answer... Remove the power cord of the AC adaptor from the AC power source and reinsert it.
If this doesn't resolve the problem, contact your dealer.

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