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No.1 I configured the 128bit encryption manually to set the wireless connections among BB-HCM371, KX-HCM170 and BB-HGW700, but the only KX-HCM170 was not connected. [Setup: wireless]

Answer... [Cause]
Other than "Key1" is selected for the WEP key on the BB-HGW700 and BB-HCM371, but only "Key1" is supported for the 128bit WEP key on the KX-HCM170.

Select "Key1" for the 128bit WEP key on the BB-HGW700 and BB-HCM371 when setting manually.
No.2 I set the BB-HCM371 and the KX-HCM170 up to make the wireless connections to the router, but I cannot access the KX-HCM170. [Setup: wireless]
  • [Cause1]
    If the standard key differs between the KX-HCM170 and the router, then "Key1" is selected for the router's 128bit WEP key.
    Set the same WEP key as the router's "Key1" on the KX-HCM170, and set the standard key to "Key1" on the router.

  • [Cause2]
    The method of transforming the encryption key from alphanumeric characters to hexadecimal characters differs between the KX-HCM170 and the router.
    Set the same encryption key as the KX-HCM170 in hexadecimal characters on the router.

No.3 The wireless device cannot be connected. [Setup: wireless]
  1. [Cause1]
    Check the PC wireless LAN card's communication mode to Infrastructure. The device-specific SSID and 128-bit encryption key are set in factory default. The default SSID and 128 bit encryption key are displayed on the rear of this product.
    Set the same SSID and 128-bit encryption key as those on the wireless devices connected to this product.

  2. [Cause2]
    Is the wireless network mode set to "802.11a" on the wireless device?
    Set the wireless network mode to 802.11b or 802.11g.

  3. [Cause3]
    It is possible that this product or the wireless device may be out of range, or there is a wall or other obstacle in between them.
    [Solution3] Move them closer together.

  4. [Note:]
    If you will operate this product in the repeater mode, restart the wireless device after this product and BB-HGW700 were turned on.
    If you will not use BB-HGW700 and/or use other router, you can operate this product in the access point mode.
    If the network configuration was changed, for example the connection between the device and this product was changed form wireless LAN to fixed LAN, restart this product.

No.4 The wireless devices cannot communicate with the KX-HGW600. [Setup: wireless] [Troubleshoot: BB_HGW700]
  • Make sure a PC in a wireless network is set as follows:
    Wireless mode: Infrastructure
    SSID: HGW600
    Encryption: None

  • The wireless devices or the KX-HGW600 may be out of range. Or there may be an obstacle such as a concrete wall. Locate the wireless devices near this unit.

  • Make sure Permit is checked in the Blanked SSID connection on the Wireless Setup window.

No.5 The wireless link between KX-HCM170 and the wireless router (BB-HGW700 etc.) disconnects after a short time. [Setup: wireless] [Troubleshoot: KX_HCM]
Answer... [Cause]
Other wireless devices are interfering with the camera's wireless signal, obstacles are interfering with the wireless signal, or the characteristics of the wireless LAN chip differ between the KX-HCM170 and the wireless router.

Download the firmware (version 1.81 or later) and update the KX-HCM170.
No.6 When selecting the channel 12~14 for the wireless connection between the camera and the camera control unit, the PC cannot connect to the camera control unit. [Setup: wireless] [Troubleshoot: HGW600] [Troubleshoot: BB_HGW700]
Answer... Some PCs compliant with the Centrino Mobile Technology do not support the channel 12~14.

Confirm the specification of your PC and select the channel 11 and under.
No.7 When using the camera control unit as a wireless access point, the wireless communication among the Windows XP PCs is disconnected frequently. [Setup: wireless] [Troubleshoot: HGW600] [Troubleshoot: BB_HGW700]
Answer... [Cause]
It is possible there are access points configured on the wireless setup tool of the Windows XP.

Remove the access points (except for the camera control unit).
The Windows XP will attempt to connect to the camera control unit's access point.

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