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No.1 Does your Wireless Network Camera“KX-HCM270”obtain Wi-Fi? [Specification]

Answer... Panasonic Wireless Network Camera (KX-HCM270) does not obtain Wi-Fi certificate, but conforms to the international IEEE 802.11b standards.
No.2 For installation purpose, I would like to know the outside dimensions of the Network Camera. [Specification]
Answer... You can download the Installation and refer to the information in it.
No.3 Can the Wireless Network Cameras (KX-HCM250 and KX-HCM270) perform wireless and wired communication simultaneously? [Specification]
Answer... These Network Cameras cannot use both connections simultaneously, although both communication modes are supported. When the Network Camera is powered up, if it is wired, wired communication starts. Otherwise the Network Camera starts the wireless communication. For information on switching the connection, please refer here.
No.4 I connect and use a Network Camera over the Internet. Is it acceptable to have the global IP address assigned directly to the Network Camera by DHCP by the ISP (Internet Service Provider)? [Specification]
Answer... Yes. If the ISP does not provide a static IP address, it will be necessary to use the optional Viewnetcam service available from Panasonic. Check for more details.
No.5 What kind of network can support a Network Camera? [Specification]
Answer... The Network Camera will work on most intranet networks, although switching hubs are recommended for smooth operation. To operate a Network Camera across the Internet, an “always-on” network, such as xDSL, CATV and optical cable are recommended.
When using dial-up network or ISDN, the Network Camera will not operate fully, and additional provisions will need to be made to connect to the Network Camera, which are outside of the normal support offered by Panasonic.
Notes: A Network Camera may be inaccessible in ISP which uses a proxy server. Also some ISPs have forbidden the users from using a server on the network. Confirm with your ISP to be sure the terms of use allow you to run a server on the network.
No.6 Can a Network Camera save an image? [Specification]
Answer... The Network Camera can save a series of still images.
KX-HCM10 and KX-HCM8 can save about 80 still images which are about 13 KB (Resolution: 320X240).
KX-HCM230, KX-HCM250 and KX-HCM270 can save about 560 still images.
No.7 Is it OK to install an Outdoor Network Camera (KX-HCM230, KX-HCM270) in a cold location or in strong sunlight for years? [Specification]
Answer... It is fundamentally OK if the following recommended conditions are fulfilled. However, since conditions other than temperature or humidity (ultraviolet rays, concentration of acid rain, etc.) also influence the product life, a concrete product life can not be indicated.
Recommendation conditions and an installation
Temperature : The range of -20°C (-5°F) through 50°C (122°F)
Humidity : 20-90% (No Condensation)
Please install the Network Camera in the place where it is out of direct sunlight, and wind and rain do not hit it directly. For example, install in the place under the eaves etc.
Severe Conditions - please avoid
Please avoid installing the Network Camera near the seashore where is exposed to the sea breeze or near a sulfurous hot spring. Do not install in a location which floods to the point where the Network Camera would be underwater. Avoid installing the Network Camera in an area with no Sunshade and water is poured from all directions, etc.
No.8 What is the maximum distance between Wireless Network Camera (KX-HCM250 and KX-HCM270) and an access point? [Specification]
Answer... The following distances were tested by Panasonic under good conditions.
Indoors - about 120 m (400 feet)
Outdoors - about 600 m (2000 feet)
There are not guaranteed, but just an example. The actual range will vary dramatically based on conditions in the area where the Network Camera and access point are installed.
No.9 Where should the power source located when installing KX-HCM230 and KX-HCM270 outdoor? [Specification]
Answer... Since an attached AC adaptor is not waterproof, the AC adaptor needs to be connected indoors.
No.10 KX-HCM230 or KX-HCM270 is “Splash Resistant Type”. To which extent, can they endure the water hazard? [Specification]
Answer... It is supposed to be installed generally on the wall under the eaves and is resistant to the splashes from all directions (without being exposed to any direct water pressure). Therefore, avoid the high water pressure under the severe condition.
Splash resistant standard is IPX4.
What is the severe condition?
Example: The place where the Network Camera might be immersed in water or might get splashed with water throughout the 360 degree range such as when it is installed in the middle of a playground.
No.11 Is it acceptable to put an indoor Network Camera (KX-HCM8, KX-HCM10, KX-HCM250) in a commercial outdoor housing for outdoor use? [Specification]
Answer... No. Since the Network Camera was developed for the indoor use only, outdoor use cannot be recommended. Conditions which exceed the recommended temperature or humidity are outside of the warranty. Since the commercial outdoor housing has not been evaluated by Panasonic, its use is outside of the warranty.

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