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No.1 I cannot install Active-X. [Troubleshoot: Zoom type camera] [Troubleshoot: BB_HCM5xxcameras] [Troubleshoot: BB_HCM3xxcameras]

Answer... Active-X is prohibited by popup blocking software.

-> Disable popup blocking software.
No.2 Camera image is not displayed on the multi camera screen. [Troubleshoot: BB_HCM5xxcameras] [Troubleshoot: BB_HCM3xxcameras]
Answer... In case of registering some camera by using private address and global address to same multi screen, it may not display all cameras.
  • To access multi camera screen from LAN, register camera existing in the same LAN, by using private address.

    ->In case of access multi camera screen from internet, register global IP address or URL.

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