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No.1 Online registration and upgrade are not available. [Troubleshoot: HNP11] [Troubleshoot: HNP60]

Answer... The web site for online registration and upgrade was closed.

Please click here
No.2 The image of camera doesn't move up down and left right even if I press button of up down and left right. [Troubleshoot: HNP60]
Answer... There is a possibility that recording program isn't monitoring.

A network camera that can't Pan Tilt may be connected.
Camera setting of recording program is "HCM series without Pan/Tilt function"
No.3 Can I record under general user? [Troubleshoot: HNP60]
Answer... It is recommended to use administrator to record. Using general user is not guaranteed to work.
No.4 Can I watch the image recorded by HNP60 using HNP11? [Troubleshoot: HNP11] [Troubleshoot: HNP60]
Answer... No, HNP11 is a different format than HNP60.
No.5 When I use HNP60 with another account after installation by administrator, short cut doesn't display on desktop and start menu. [Troubleshoot: HNP60]
  1. You canft use the HNP60 except the administrator account.

  2. If the account is an administrator, HNP is available but short cut doesn't display on desktop or start menu.

No.6 When I try to use HNP60 with a non-administrator user, I can't use it. [Troubleshoot: HNP60]
Answer... HNP60 needs authority of administrator because it needs to access the system folders on program move.
No.7 Don't display button on task bar even if recording program becomes minimum. [Troubleshoot: HNP60]
Answer... There is a possibility that recording program's setting is "icon display in indicator area"
No.8 Only 4 numbers of the network camera registration can be entered and it will only record for 30 minutes. [Troubleshoot: HNP60]
Answer... Please make sure you completed user registration.
No.9 Network camera image doesn't display with recording program. [Troubleshoot: HNP60]
Answer... Please check the following items:
  • Proxy setting is wrong.
  • There is heavy traffic on the network.
  • Network camera is off.
  • Network camera and PC are not connected.
  • Address of network camera is wrong.
  • Password is set on the network camera.
  • IP address set before saving.
  • Subnet mask of PC and network camera is different.
  • Default gateway and DNS is not set or is wrong.
  • Setting of port-forwarding is wrong.

No.10 I set the timer but nothing is being recorded at the set time. [Troubleshoot: HNP60]
  • If using multiple Network Cameras, you may have accidentally set the timer of a different camera. Check the settings to confirm that you set the timer for the desired camera.

  • The camera may be being monitored. Timed recordings are not possible while a camera is being monitored. Make sure the desired camera is not being monitored.

  • "Automatic Timer Operation" may not be activated. After setting the recording time, select "Automatic Timer Recording" from the [Control] menu to "check" it. Timed recordings are only possible when this item has a check mark next to it.

No.11 My PC is not connected to the internet. How can I register my Network Camera Recorder? [Troubleshoot: HNP60]
Answer... Any computer with internet access can be used to register the software by entering the following URL in a web browser:
This URL can also be found by selecting "How to Register..." from the [Help] menu.
Register the software by first accessing the URL manually or by selecting "Browse to Registration Page" from the "How to Register" window. At this time you will be given a password. Later you can register your Network Camera Recoding Software by selecting "Enter Registration Code" from the [Help] menu and entering the password issued at registration. Once the software has been registered, "Revert to Unregistered" will appear in the [Help] menu.
No.12 The Network Camera Recorder does not respond or is unstable. [Troubleshoot: HNP60]
  • The performance/system specifications of your PC may not be adequate. If recording images from multiple cameras simultaneously, try reducing the number cameras you are recording. If other applications are running in the background, quit as many of those applications as possible.

  • There may be too many image files stored in the selected directory on your hard disk. If more than 10,000 files are stored in the same folder, system/software performance may become unstable. Refer to "Deleting the Recorded Image" in the Operating Instructions for how to delete unwanted image files. The Operating Instructions can be downloaded here.
    Suggested System*:
    CPU: 1.8 GHz Pentium 4 processor or higher.
    RAM: 256 MB or higher.
    Available Hard Disk Space: 20 GB or more.
    Minimum System Requirements*:
    CPU: 1.3 GHz Celeron processor
    RAM: 128 MB
    Available Hard Disk Space: 10 GB
    * Specifications listed here are only a guideline. Software capabilities will vary on recording conditions and system environment.

No.13 I cannot pan or tilt the camera. Nothing happens when I click the buttons in the Operation Bar. [Troubleshoot: HNP60]
    Recording Software settings:

  • The camera is not in monitoring mode. Select a camera from the Camera List and click on the Start Monitoring button (green camera icon).

  • Your Network Camera does not support pan and tilt features. The KX-HCM8 does not support these features, and therefore clicking on the pan or tilt buttons in the Operation Bar will produce no result.

  • If your Network Camera has pan and tilt features but can not be controlled with the Operation Bar, the "Camera Type" may be set to "Panasonic HCM series without Pan/Tilt". Change the camera type by selecting a camera in the Camera List and clicking "Edit Camera", or select "Edit Current Camera" from the [Edit] menu. When the "Edit Camera" window opens, change the Camera Type to "Panasonic HCM series with Pan/Tilt" or "Panasonic HCM series with Zoom" to match the capabilities of your Network Camera.

    Network Camera settings:

  • The Network Camera is not turned on. Confirm that the camera is powered and correctly connected to the network via its wireless or wired connection.

  • The pan and tilt features of the camera are disabled. Make sure that "Pan / Tilt / Preset Control" is set to "Enable" in the Network Camera's "Camera Setup" window.
No.14 The Network Camera Recorder icon does not appear in the taskbar, even if I minimize it. [Troubleshoot: HNP60]
Answer... When minimized, the Network Camera Recorder icon can be displayed in the System Tray (the part of the taskbar where time and other items are displayed) To display this icon, select "Preferences" from the [File] menu, the check "Show Icon in System Tray". This button is convenient when you want to start or stop monitoring all cameras in the Camera Bar without returning to the Network Camera Recorder application.
No.15 I can register only 4 cameras and recording stops after 30 minutes. [Troubleshoot: HNP60]
Answer... The Network Camera Recorder has not been registered yet. In order to take full advantage of the features provided by this software, it must be registered. Once registration is complete, you can unlock the software with the password issued to you during registration. Select "Enter Registration Code" from the [Help] menu and enter the code and password. Once the software has been registered, "Revert to Unregistered" will appear in the [Help] menu. Refer to "User Registration" in the Operating Instructions for more information. The Operating Instructions can be downloaded here.
No.16 I can't see an image from my Network Camera in the Image Page. There are several possible causes, including the settings of the Network Camera Recorder, the condition of your network, and the settings of the Network Camera itself. [Troubleshoot: HNP60]
Answer... Recording Software settings:
  • Proxy server settings are not correct. If you're network connection uses a proxy server, the appropriate settings must be made in the "Proxy Settings" window. Select "Proxy Setup" from the [File] menu and make the appropriate settings. If you don't know whether you use a proxy server, consult your network administrator or Internet Service Provider.

No.17 Operation becomes unstable. For example, operations of the recording program does not work. [Troubleshoot: HNP60]
Answer... -There is possibility that spec of using PC isn't enough. Please decrease number of cameras. Please finish application.

-There is possibility that you have saved over 10000 image files in same folder.
No.18 I cannot timer record with network camera. [Troubleshoot: HNP60]
Answer... -It is possible to set other network camera.

-There is possibility that network camera is monitoring. Please stop monitoring.

-There is possibility that "Setting of self-timer" is not available.

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