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No.1 Recorded image is not deleted after sending with E-mail, FTP or Http transfer. [Troubleshoot: SD memory card]

Answer... Sending image data does not delete the file until total size is 20MBytes, then it will be deleted.

Non-deleted images may be sent again after rebooting camera.
No.2 The camera is set to transfer images by FTP, E-mail, or HTTP using a SD memory card. Some buffered images remain. Anything wrong? [Troubleshoot: SD memory card]
Answer... Model: BB-HCM5xx, firmware V3.14R01

We changed some specifications to raise durability of SD memory cards.
Before, the camera deleted the buffered images by each transfer completion.
Now, it keeps the images up to 20MB temporarily, and then deletes them one time.
No.3 Some images cannot be recorded when I configure the image buffer frequency (when the camera records on a SD memory card). [Troubleshoot: SD memory card]
Answer... It is not failure with the product.

Model: BB-HCM5xx, HCE481, HCM403, HCM3xx, HCS301

  • Reason:
    If the SD memory card was inserted in the camera and the recording frequency is configured more than 1 image every 1 second, it may not record at regular intervals.

  • Solution:
    If the camera is recording images on the SD memory card, configure the "Image Buffer Frequency" to 1 image (or less) every 1 second because the recording speed is slower than the buffering on the internal memory.

No.4 The image does not record as defined. [Troubleshoot: SD memory card]
Answer... When record onto SD memory card, it will take more time compared to recording into internal memory.
It is suggested to configure recording duration less than once a second.
No.5 It takes a long time to record images onto SD Card. [Troubleshoot: SD memory card] [Troubleshoot: BB_HCM3xxcameras]
Answer... If the SD card is formatted by the PC, it will take longer to record. Therefore, format the SD card by the camera function.
No.6 The power was turned off during recording and the data may be corrupted. [Troubleshoot: SD memory card]
Answer... Corrupted data cannot be recovered. It is suggested to format again by camera.
No.7 Records slowly on SD card. [Troubleshoot: SD memory card]
Answer... It takes longer to record when it is formatted on a PC.

-> Format it on the camera
No.8 I cannot record onto the SD memory card. [Troubleshoot: SD memory card]
Answer... SD memory is locked. Set switch to unlock.

SD may not be formatted. Please format SD memory card by camera.
In case of formatting SD memory card by PC, it may take longer to record.

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