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Network Camera

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I cannot pan or tilt the camera. Nothing happens when I click the buttons in the Operation Bar. [Troubleshoot: HNP60]

    Recording Software settings:

  • The camera is not in monitoring mode. Select a camera from the Camera List and click on the Start Monitoring button (green camera icon).

  • Your Network Camera does not support pan and tilt features. The KX-HCM8 does not support these features, and therefore clicking on the pan or tilt buttons in the Operation Bar will produce no result.

  • If your Network Camera has pan and tilt features but can not be controlled with the Operation Bar, the "Camera Type" may be set to "Panasonic HCM series without Pan/Tilt". Change the camera type by selecting a camera in the Camera List and clicking "Edit Camera", or select "Edit Current Camera" from the [Edit] menu. When the "Edit Camera" window opens, change the Camera Type to "Panasonic HCM series with Pan/Tilt" or "Panasonic HCM series with Zoom" to match the capabilities of your Network Camera.

    Network Camera settings:

  • The Network Camera is not turned on. Confirm that the camera is powered and correctly connected to the network via its wireless or wired connection.

  • The pan and tilt features of the camera are disabled. Make sure that "Pan / Tilt / Preset Control" is set to "Enable" in the Network Camera's "Camera Setup" window.

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