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Network Camera

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While using the BB-HNP60 Network Camera Recorder (recording software), it takes a long time (up to 20 minutes) to display camera images and/or program windows turn white when windows are minimized, moved, etc. Images are displayed but menus and other screen items are not. Is the camera or recording software malfunctioning? [Troubleshoot: C10]

Answer... This is not a problem with the camera or software; the computer's Hyper-Threading Technology*1 may be causing the trouble.
When the Hyper-Threading Technology is turned on, computer screens may freeze when you move or minimize windows.(Processes become sluggish and the computer feels unresponsive.)
This problem can be resolved by turning Hyper-Threading Technology off.
The procedure for turning off Hyper-Threading Technology varies by computer manufacturer; for more information, consult your computer's manufacturer.
* Hyper-Threading Technology settings are often contained in BIOS, so exercise caution when changing Hyper-Threading Technology settings.
*1 Hyper-Threading Technology:
Allows 1 CPU to function as 2 CPUs.

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