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Network Camera

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The lens does not pan/tilt. (Click to center and position presets also do not function.) [Troubleshoot: C10]

Answer... Reason
  • The camera and computer are not communicating properly.
    Click the refresh button in your web browser and confirm that the image has been refreshed, and then try to pan or tilt the lens.
  • The camera is turned off.
    Confirm that the AC adapter is connected properly to the power source and to the device.
  • Several users are accessing the camera simultaneously.
    Wait and try to access the camera again.
  • The lens is already panned or tilted to the maximum extent of the pan or tilt range.
    Check that "Top End", "Down End", "Left End" or "Right End" is not displayed in the Operation Bar.
  • The camera is set to restrict the pan/tilt range.
    In this case, "Top End", "Down End", "Left End" or "Right End" is displayed in the Operation Bar. Restrict the pan/tilt range of the camera to suit the environment where the camera is installed.

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