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The Human Detection Sensor is not functioning. [Troubleshoot: C10]

Answer... Reason
  • The sensor has not been set.
    Set the sensor from the "Buffer/Transfer" screen.
  • Privacy mode is turned on.
    When privacy mode is turned on, the sensor does not function. Turn of privacy mode by pressing the privacy button or by selecting "Disable" on the "Privacy Mode" screen.
  • An object (including glass, plastic, and other transparent objects) is blocking the sensor.
    Even transparent objects such as glass and plastic can affect the sensor.
    Clear the area of any obstacles.
  • The subjects you wish to detect (people, animals, etc.) may be outside of the sensor's range.
    In order to detect subjects within the range of the sensor, refer to the following information and make the appropriate settings.
    The sensor can detect temperatures and the temperature variations between moving objects (such as people) and the surrounding environment, with a range of approximately 30o horizontally and 85o vertically, from a distance of 5 m (16.4 feet). Therefore, if there is only a small temperature variation, the detection range will also be reduced. When there are no temperature variations, nothing is detected within the range of the sensor. Conversely, if the temperature variation is great, the detection range will be longer.

  • The sensor has dust, smudges, or fingerprints on it.
    Wipe the sensor clean with a soft, dry cloth.

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