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After a drastic change in the image's brightness, it takes several seconds for the camera to adjust the brightness to an appropriate level. [Troubleshoot: C10]

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It can take some time for the camera's CMOS sensor to adjust to an appropriate brightness level after a drastic change in the image's brightness.
This is a characteristic of the CMOS sensor (the camera is not malfunctioning); the sensor takes more time to adjust to brightness changes than the human eye does.
If the camera is located in an environment that is prone to drastic brightness changes, the camera may not be able to adjust itself to an optimal brightness level; you may need to install the camera in a location that has a more consistent brightness. At the very least, you should install the camera in a location where drastic brightness changes do not affect most of the viewable image.
Additionally, keep the following in mind during installation:
Notices included in the Installation/Troubleshooting manual
Do not expose to direct sunlight or halogen light for extended periods of time, as this could damage the CMOS sensor.

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