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Network Camera

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The color of camera images seems unusual. [Troubleshoot: C10]

Answer... Reason
*The computer is set to display colors at less than 16-bit resolution.
Open the computer display settings ([Control Panels] -> [Display]) and set the Colors setting to at least 16-bit on the [Settings] tab.
*The camera's white balance is not set correctly.
Adjust the camera's white balance ([Setup] -> [Camera]) setting.
[Setting Types]
Auto (default): Adjusts automatically
-Fixed Indoor: Incandescent light (2800 K)
-Fixed Fluorescent (White): White fluorescent light (3600 K)
-Fixed Fluorescent (Daylight): Daylight (4000 K)
-Fixed Outdoor: Sunlight (6000 K)
-Hold: Locks the white balance at the current setting
This setting is registered when the home position, sensor position, or a preset position is registered.

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