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Network Camera

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I subscribed to xDSL. Can Network Camera be directly connected to xDSL system? If it can, can I make it by using an Ethernet hub or do I need a broadband router? [FAQ: Viewnetcam]

Answer... You have to establish PPPoE connection in order to connect to the Internet when you subscribed to xDSL service. Currently, as Panasonic Network Camera does not support PPPoE connection, Network Camera can not be directly connected to a modem. To solve the problem, you are kindly requested to arrange a broadband router and connect the Network Camera to the broadband router. Configure your broadband router to have either technology enabled, i.e., DMZ address setting or Port forwarding (also called, "local server", "static IP masquerade" or "virtual server"). With this setting, you can access over the Internet, the live images of Network Cameras subordinated to the broadband router (For setup of a broadband router, refer to its operating instructions).

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