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Network Camera

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The colors in images from the Network Camera look strange. [Image_display]

Answer... Reason-1
The color depth of the PC's display settings may be set below 16-bit.

Set the PC to display colors at a bit-depth of 16 or higher.

The white balance setting of the Network Camera may need adjusting.

Refer to the following and set the Network Camera's white balance settings accordingly.
  • AUTO (default) --- Auto White Balance
  • FIXED INDOOR --- Color Temperature: 2800K, Electric Bulb
  • FIXED FLUORESCENT 1 --- Color Temperature: (3)600K, Natural fluorescent light
  • FIXED FLUORESCENT 2 --- Color Temperature: 4000K, Natural fluorescent light
  • FIXED OUTDOOR --- Color Temperature: 6000K, Solar light
  • HOLD --- Holds the current White Balance
White Balance is also remembered when storing one of the 8 preset buttons. (KX-HCM10 or KX-HCM8 users need to update to firmware version 1.48 or later to use this feature.)

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