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Network Camera

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Network Camera images are not displayed. [Image_display]

Answer... Reason-1
Active X Controls, the plug-in needed to view motion images from the Network Camera in your web browser, may not be installed.

  1. When this plug-in is not installed, you will see the following screen when attempting to view Motion JPEG images.

  3. Click [Yes] to download. After Active X has been downloaded and installed (it installs automatically), motion images should be displayed properly. If you experience difficulty during installation, continue from step 3.

  5. If a message regarding security appears,
    follow the procedures below to change the security level setting for Internet Explorer.

  7. In Internet Explorer, click [Tools] -› [Internet Options] -› [Security] tab.

  9. Click [Custom Level] in [Security level for this zone].

  11. In the [Settings] menu, check "Enable" in "Run ActiveX Controls and plug-ins". Check "Prompt" in "Download signed ActiveX Controls."

  13. Once the ActiveX Controls have been installed, they are stored in the PC and should not need to be downloaded again.

ActiveX Controls may not have been downloaded properly.

Install ActiveX Controls following the procedure below.
  1. Insert the Network Camera Setup CD and open the folder named "ocx".

  3. For the KX-HCM8 and KX-HCM10, double-click "Reghcm1.exe". For all other Network Cameras, double-click "ActiveXInst.exe".

  5. ActiveX Controls will be installed.

Network traffic may be too high.

Images may take time to be displayed when there is a high volume of network traffic. Wait a few moments then try accessing the Network Camera again.

You may have mistyped the Network Camera's IP address in your web browser, or the Network Camera's address may have been changed by your Network Administrator.

Confirm the Network Camera's IP address and enter it in the address field in your web browser.

Too many users may be accessing the camera.
Network Camera's KX-HCM8 and KX-HCM10 allow a maximum of 10 simultaneous connections. All other Network Cameras allow a maximum of 30.
When the maximum number of simultaneous connections to the Network Camera has been exceeded, a blue screen is displayed when you try to access the camera.

Wait a few moments then try accessing the Network Camera again.

The Network Camera may be "off the air".
The Network Camera can be configured to be inaccessible (off the air) during certain time periods. When the camera is off the air, a blue screen is displayed when it is accessed.

Wait for the camera to go on air again, or change the camera's On the Air Time settings at [Setup Page] -› [Top View Image] -› [On the Air Time].

Your proxy server may not allow you to access the Network Camera.

Configure your web browser to bypass the proxy server when accessing the Network Camera.

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