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Transferred (FTP) images are not appearing. [Setup: FTP_Transfer]

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You may have set a transfer rate that is faster than what your network environment can handle. Regardless of what your settings are, the speed in which camera images are transferred via FTP depends on your network environment, such as the throughput of the internet or intranet connection, the response time of the server, the type of broadband router being used, etc.
When the transfer rate is set to an optimum value, only one image will be stored in the Network Cameras buffer. If the rate is too high, files will accumulate in the buffer because they cannot be transmitted fast.

If files are accumulating in the buffer, decrease the transfer rate, i.e. set fewer images to be uploaded per minute. (We recommend you to set a rate of less than 5 images per minute in an ADSL environment.)
The optimum transfer rate can be attained using the following procedure.
  1. Confirm that image transfer via FTP upload is enabled.

  2. On the Top Page, select the Single Camera screen in Motion JPEG or JPEG - Regularly Refresh.

  3. On the Operation Bar, open the Buffered Image screen.

  4. Look at the time stamp displayed on the file name, and see how many images are stored in the buffer.
If there is more than one image in the buffer, the transfer rate is too high and should be decreased. For example: if the transfer rate is set to 5 images per minute, try setting it to 3 images per minute.
Please follow the instructions below to decrease the transfer rate.
  1. Type http://IP address or the camera's URL followed by :Port Number/config.html in your web browser and press [Enter]. (If the port no. is 80 (default), you do not need to enter the port number.) The Network Cameras Top Page will appear.

  2. Click "Setup Page".

  3. On the setup page, click "Image Transfer".

  4. Click on "Alarm" or "Timer" in Image Transfer window.

  5. At [4. Image Buffer Frequency Setting], set [(1) Primary Image Buffer Frequency] and [(2) Secondary Image Buffer Frequency] to the desired transfer rate.

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