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KX-HGW600 may assign the same IP address to two or more PCs. In this case, “Overlapped IP address” message is displayed on the PC. [Troubleshoot: HGW600]

Answer... The PC may be running local firewall software that prevents the KX-HGW600 from recognizing it. The KX-HGW600 uses a ping to check if the same IP address is not used when assigning IP addresses to Network Cameras and PCs using the DHCP function. Some firewall software ignores ping requests, and does not perform the IP address identification. Therefore, the same IP address may be assigned to two or more PCs.
This problem can be solved by registering the PC running the firewall software using the “Static DHCP” of the KX-HGW600, or by disabling the firewall software temporarily, or by setting the IP address manually.

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