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Can you give us the details of the SD memory card recording? [Troubleshoot: HGW600]

Answer... 1. Number of simultaneous access to Recording/Playback page :
Single user
Timer recording : Available only for a single Network Camera.
You cannot record on the Recording window when timer-recording.
Please see below for the recording setup.
  • Image resolution :
    160 x 120, 320 x 240, 640 x 480
  • Image Quality :
    Favor clarity, Standard, Favor motion
  • Frame rate :
    Motion Image - Max. 5 frames/second
    Still Images - 1 frame/second to 1 frame/hour
    -> Click here for more info.
2. How to change the SD memory card ?:
Please remove the SD memory card.
Please refer to "Recording/Playback" -> "Preparing for recording" in the Operating Instructions.
3. File format :
You cannot view these files at PC.
4. When the SD memory card is filling up with data :
Since it is not overwritten, please delete the data at "File Delete" or "Format". You can check the status of your SD memory card at "Status".

Notes: The Recording/Playback function is designed for a single user. For the operation by multiple users, this function may not work properly. The image resolution of playback is the same as setting on the Recording Setup window. The motion playback speed differs from the Frame rate on the Recording Setup window. The recorded image cannot be played back during the recording or timer-recording. When you play back the still image, the recorded date and time is displayed. If the date and time of Network Camera is changed during the recording, the recorded date and time on the Playback window may not be displayed correctly.

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