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Is it OK to install an Outdoor Network Camera (KX-HCM230, KX-HCM270) in a cold location or in strong sunlight for years? [Specification]

Answer... It is fundamentally OK if the following recommended conditions are fulfilled. However, since conditions other than temperature or humidity (ultraviolet rays, concentration of acid rain, etc.) also influence the product life, a concrete product life can not be indicated.
Recommendation conditions and an installation
Temperature : The range of -20°C (-5°F) through 50°C (122°F)
Humidity : 20-90% (No Condensation)
Please install the Network Camera in the place where it is out of direct sunlight, and wind and rain do not hit it directly. For example, install in the place under the eaves etc.
Severe Conditions - please avoid
Please avoid installing the Network Camera near the seashore where is exposed to the sea breeze or near a sulfurous hot spring. Do not install in a location which floods to the point where the Network Camera would be underwater. Avoid installing the Network Camera in an area with no Sunshade and water is poured from all directions, etc.

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