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Network Camera

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How often can the camera record the images? or How much is the recording speed of the camera? [FAQ: SD memory card]

Answer... Model: BB-HCM5xx, HCE481, HCM403, HCM3xx, HCS301

Case A; buffering in internal memory:
  • It can buffer 30 image/s maximum, depends on the usage conditions.
  • It can buffer images and voice for 9 hours by MPEG-4(320 x 240 dots) and about 110,000 images by JPEG(320 x 240 dots).
  • You can keep images and voices longer if you record only in case of some events are occurred like using the motion detection feature. However, in the case that you have to install the camera at the place in which the motion detection could be working continuously, you want to raise the buffering frequency or you want to buffer the images for more than 9 hours, then we recommend you should use the recording program for a PC.
Case B; recording on the SD memory card:
  • It can be recorded 1 image/s depending on the condition. *If the recording frequency was configured shorter than 1 image/s, some images may not be recorded.

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