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Network Camera

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The camera image is displayed properly on the single screen, but the image from other cameras is not displayed on the multi screen and the error message "The connection is failed" is displayed. [Error message and code]

  • [Cause]
    When using the user-specified DNS server instead of Viewnetcam to access the camera by using the domain name through the Internet, the image from the camera configured for the multi camera screen will not be displayed.

  • [Solution]
    It is possible that the DNS server is wrong.
    Confirm that the error counter in the DNS section has increased on the status screen. If the error counter is counted up, correct the DNS server setting for the camera. Because the specification of the name resolution with DNS differ between the single screen and on the multi screen, this issue that the camera image is displayed on the single screen but is not displayed on the multi screen has occurred.

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