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Network Camera

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E-mail or FTP transfer cannot be performed in transport mode. [Setup: IPsec VPN]

  1. [Cause1]
    The network settings are not set correctly.
    Cancel the IPsec settings on the server, PC and camera, and check that camera images can be transferred. If they can be transferred, the IPsec settings were not set correctly. Set them correctly (see page 60 of Operating Instructions on the CD-ROM).

  2. [Cause2]
    The pre-shared key is not set correctly.
    Set the same pre-shared key for the camera, and server.

  3. [Cause3]
    There is an e-mail server or FTP server within the tunnel mode network.
    Transport mode and tunnel mode cannot be used at the same time. Cancel the e-mail server or FTP server's IPsec settings, and communicate using tunnel mode.

  4. [Cause4]
    Either the server's SA*1 or camera's SA is not established.
    Restart the camera.

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