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Network Camera

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Cannot operate camera. Pan/tilt, zoom, focus, click centering and/or pre-set key does not work. [Troubleshoot: Zoom type camera]

Answer... PC does not communicate with camera.
  • -> Click "refresh" button of your browser, then operate again the camera is not turned on.
  • -> Confirm that the camera is turned on.
    Multiple users are operating the camera simultaneously.
  • -> Wait for a while, and access the camera again.
    The pan/tilt reaches its end.
  • -> Confirm that the end display is displayed on the operation bar.
    The pan/tilt range is restricted.
  • -> Adjust the pan/tilt range settings.
    Defined setting of Auto focus is not suitable for object to view
  • -> If object is within 1m, set Automatic Focus Range to Macro.
    If object is 1m or more, set Automatic Focus Range to Normal.

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