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Network Camera

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The indicator continues to blink orange (2-second interval).Cameras are BB-HCM3xx series [Troubleshoot: BB_HCM3xxcameras]

  • [Cause1]
    The router on your network is turned off.
    Turn the router on, and wait until the line is connected.

  • [Cause2]
    The camera was turned on before the camera control unit has booted up completely, or they were turned on at the same time.
    Turn the camera control unit on, check the indicators to confirm that it booted up completely, then turn the camera on.

  • [Cause3]
    An error has occurred in UPnP port forwarding.
    Set up the camera again in [Automatic Setup].

  • [Cause4]
    The Port forwarding with UPnP is not supported on the router.
    Update the router's firmware. If there is no improvement in symptoms, configure the port forwarding on the router manually, set the static network settings and disable "Auto Port Forwarding" on the camera.

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