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I set the BB-HCM371 and the KX-HCM170 up to make the wireless connections to the router, but I cannot access the KX-HCM170. [Setup: wireless]

  • [Cause1]
    If the standard key differs between the KX-HCM170 and the router, then "Key1" is selected for the router's 128bit WEP key.
    Set the same WEP key as the router's "Key1" on the KX-HCM170, and set the standard key to "Key1" on the router.

  • [Cause2]
    The method of transforming the encryption key from alphanumeric characters to hexadecimal characters differs between the KX-HCM170 and the router.
    Set the same encryption key as the KX-HCM170 in hexadecimal characters on the router.

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