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Network Camera

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Audio cannot be heard through the speaker connected to the camera. [Troubleshoot: BB_HCM3xxcameras]

Answer... [Cause1]
The talk button is turned off.
Click the talk button again to turn on to talk.

The talk button is gray.
The talk feature is disabled for the general user's account or for guest users. Change the feature access level for the general user or for guest users to allow access to the talk feature.

The PC's microphone is not selected as the audio input device.
Follow these steps to setup the PC's microphone.
1) Open the PC's volume control screen->[option]->[property].
2) Select [recode]->[mic.] and press [OK].
3) Check the select box of mic. and press [OK].

The PC's microphone is muted.
Open the PC's volume control screen, un-mute the microphone, and adjust the volume slider on the microphone.

The speaker is not a powered speaker.
The camera's audio output is line level; therefore the audio output must be amplified. Use a powered speaker or connect an amplifier to the speaker.

PC Audio Input has been timed out.
Change the [PC Audio Input Timeout] setting on the [Audio] page if necessary.

The speaker is turned off or its volume is set too low.
Confirm that the speaker is turned on and that its volume is turned up.

Your web browser is accessing the camera via the proxy server. [Solution8]
The talk feature is not available via the proxy server.

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