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Network Camera

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The image refreshes very slowly. [Troubleshoot: BB_HCM3xxcameras]

Answer... [Cause1]
Many users are accessing the camera.
If many users are accessing the camera simultaneously, the image refresh rate decreases.

You are not using an Ethernet switching hub.
If you view multiple cameras on the [Multi] page, image refresh rate may improve by connecting the cameras to an Ethernet switching hub.

The image refresh rate may vary depending on the following conditions.
Setting :
SD Memory Card recording, IPsec, image-resolutions, image-quality types and the maximum bandwidth usage.
PC performance, network, the brightness and type of object being viewed.

The amount of bandwidth that the camera is allowed to use is set too low.
Adjust the [Max. Bandwidth Usage] setting.

The camera is in color night view mode.
It is normal. The image refresh rate decreases when color night view mode is activated. Deactivate color night view mode.

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