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Network Camera

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Indicator does not light. [Troubleshoot: BB_HCM3xxcameras] [Indicator]

Answer... Indicator is defined as normally off.
-> Change definition to be illuminated.

Using cross type LAN cable for connecting camera and network.
-> Use strait type LAN cable.

PoE equipped hub is not connected to camera.
-> Connect camera and PoE equipped hub with LAN cable.

Power is not supplied to PoE equipped hub.
-> Supply power.

Wire of LAN cable is broken.
-> Use the other LAN cable.

The number of connecting PoE equipment is over limitation of PoE equipped hub.
-> Some PoE hubs have limitation of number of connecting PoE equipment. In this case, reconnect some PoE equipment to be same or lower number of limitation.

Camera and/or PoE equipped hub failed.
-> Ask your servicer.

Using relay hub between camera and PoE equipped hub.
-> Camera should be connected to PoE equipped hub directly.

Using wrong LAN cable.
-> Cable should satisfy standard of category 5. The cable should be consisting of four pairs UTP/STP cable.

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