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Network Camera

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Cannot connect to wireless camera or BB-HGW700 connection is unstable. [Troubleshoot: HGW600] [Troubleshoot: BB_HGW700] [Troubleshoot: BL_WV10]

  1. [Cause1]
    Other wireless devices are interfering with the camera's wireless signal, or another wireless LAN device is using the same channel as the BL-WV10A and wireless camera.
    Move the wireless LAN device further away from the BL-WV10 and camera, or change the wireless channel used by the BLWV10.

  2. [Cause2]
    Obstacles, e.g., metallic wall or concrete wall panel between the BL-WV10 and the camera are interfering with the wireless signal.
    Clear the signal path of any obstacles, or move the BL-WV10 and camera closer.

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