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Network Camera

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The camera cannot be set as a local camera. [Troubleshoot: BL_WV10]

  1. [Cause1]
    Are you attempting to perform Quick Setup on a camera already configured using a computer?
    To use Quick Setup to set cameras already configured on a computer as local cameras, you need to set the administrator name and password in Basic Settings to have the same values as those of the camera you wish to perform Quick Setup on.

  2. [Cause2]
    Is the firmware version of the camera out of date?
    For the BL-C10A and BL-C30A, the firmware version must be 1.22 or higher. For HCM series cameras, the firmware version must be 1.08 or higher.

  3. [Cause3]
    Cameras that have been registered as remote cameras cannot be re-registered as local cameras even after re-initializing.
    In the Camera Setup screen in normal mode, erase the camera, then re-initialize it, and then perform Quick Setup.

  4. [Cause4]
    When performing Quick Setup on cameras when 2 BL-WV10s are in use, those for one of the BLWV10s will be registered as local cameras, but those for the other BL-WV10 will be registered as remote cameras.
    First, make sure that the administrator name and password for the cameras is identical on both BL-WV10s. Next, connect the cameras to each BL-WV10A prior to connecting the BL-WV10s to each other.

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