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Network Camera

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Security Warning window will be displayed. [TroubleShoot: Audio Feature]

Answer... To view a video (Motion JPEG) or to use audio feature, ActiveX Controls must be installed. When trying to display a video for the first time, Security Warning window will be displayed. It is necessary to log in an administrator to install it when you using Windows XP or Windows 2000.
If you cannot install ActiveX Controls or you cannot see the video in the Internet Explorer

  1. Click [Tools] [Internet Options] [Security] tab and click [Custom level] on the web browser.
    (1) Check "Prompt" in "Download signed ActiveX Controls".
    (2) Check "Enable" in "Run ActiveX Controls and plug-ins".
  2. ActiveX Controls can be installed from the file on the Setup CD-ROM.
    (1) Restart the PC.
    (2) Confirm that Internet Explorer is closed.
    (3) Double-click"ocx\ActiveXInst.exe" on the Setup CD-ROM.
  • When the IP address was changed for the camera, enter it on the address bar.
  • Video may not be displayed quickly or audio may not be listened immediately. Wait for a while.
  • If you use a proxy server, set the web browser not to access the proxy server
  • In some corporate network environments a firewall may be used for security purposes. It is possible that this may prevent motion video from being displayed. In this situation we suggest:
  • Contact your network administrator.
  • Try using regularly refreshed images.

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