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Network Camera

Faq Contents

Audio is not produced from an external speaker connected to the camera. [TroubleShoot: Audio Feature]

  • The Listen button appears like this:
    -> Click the Listen button. (It will change to .)
  • The Talk button is gray.
    -> [Talk] is not permitted on the General User page. Permit it
  • Microphone is not selected on your PC's volume control screen.
    -> Click [Options] -> [Properties] -> , and check [Recording] on the Volume Control window. In the "Show the following volume controls" column, check [Microphone], and click [OK]. Check [Select] on the Recording Control window.
  • The PC's microphone input setting is set to mute.
    -> Open the PC's Volume Control window, check the microphone checkbox and then adjust the volume controls.

  • A speaker is not connected to the camera.
    -> Connect an external speaker to the camera.
  • An amplifier is not connected to the camera.
    -> The camera's audio output terminal is a line output. Connect it to an external speaker with a built-in amplifier.
  • Audio can only be received for short periods of time.
    -> Change the settings to extend the PC Audio Input Timeout.

  • The camera speaker volume settings are set to minimum.
    -> Adjust the volume settings to an appropriate volume.

  • The camera access is going through a proxy server.
    -> The audio feature cannot be used when going through a proxy server.

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