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HD-PLC Adaptor


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[PLC Adaptor :FAQ]
No.1... Easy to Setup 'press the setup buttons to configure...' Should I push two(2) buttons? [PLC Adaptor :FAQ]

Answer... Actually both buttons of MASTER and TERMINAL must be pushed. Since we appeal the ease of use. We just say 'button'.

No.2... If there are many IP communication, the throughput per stream may be down. [PLC Adaptor :FAQ]
Answer... It's because HD-PLC use CSMA/CA method. The chance to send the packet for each stream is equal. So, if the number of stream is increased, the chance will be decreased.

No.3... The easy-setting might be failed depends on AC extension cord. [PLC Adaptor :FAQ]
Answer... A PLC adaptor is designed to reduce the communication performance in order to prevent wrong registration to neighbor's PLC. Accordingly, the easy-setting may be failed with an extension cord which is connected by devices with noise, or The power strip which absorbs the signal of PLC by itself.
Please plug them to wall outlet directly. also we recommend you not to connect any other appliance with noise to the wall outlet.

No.4... What is PLC might give obstructions to? [PLC Adaptor :FAQ]
Answer... The following home appliances might be caused an error.

1) Touch sensor light.
ex. Touch sensor light might blink w/o touch.
The influence could be reduced by making an electrical distance
between them. e.g.:
-Please plug them into different outlets.
-Please plug them into power strip with filter or surge absorber.
(*)Do not plug PLC adaptor into such power strip. it causes PLC performance down.

2)Short wave radio
ex. It is hard to listen to radio.
(*) The influence is happen in the house using PLC.
The influence outside the house is very low.
almost zero at a few meter a way from house.
-Please keep the radio away from PLC and power line.
place radio on better place to receive radio. e.g. window side.

3)PLC devices of other companies
Because the same transmission range is used, it mutually becomes a noise for the other PLC, and a performance each other might be decreased.

[PLC Adaptor :Troubleshooting]
No.5... How can I determine if I need to contact the call center to ask to repair the PLC unit. [PLC Adaptor :Troubleshooting]
Answer... Please set up according to manual and do the following steps.
1) Plug Master-Adaptor and Terminal-Adaptor which wants to be tested into the same wall outlet. and confirm setup with PLC lights on.
2) Testing the network speed according to manual.
3) If the speed test result is the "Best", it is OK.
4) Disconnect Master-Adaptor from the outlet.
5) If Terminal-Adaptor's PLC Indicator is turned off, it is OK.
(If indication is not turned off, Terminal-Adaptor have been linked with another Master-Adaptor. )

No.6... PLCs can not link. Registration information has been cleared. [PLC Adaptor :Troubleshooting]
Answer... In most cases, the registration information has not been cleared. It may not be able to link.
If it blinks every 5 or 10 seconds, it keeps registered information. They are trying to find each other of PLCs. As the cause, Electrical noise or interference may interrupt the transmission. Please refer the trouble shooting.

No.7... When I use Repeater Hub/Shared Hub with PLC, the performance seems down. [PLC Adaptor :Troubleshooting]
Answer... When you use Repeater Hub/Shared Hub, All packets to communicate between devices will be delivered into PLC network.. Since these packets has no distination in PLC network, these wrong packets will disturb the communication in PLC network. As the results, the PLC transmission speed may down due to the range occupation by wrong packets. We recommend to use switching HUB.
(*) Now most of hub are switching hub, it's difficult to find Repeater hub. so we though this will not happen almost.

No.8... Although PLC-LED of MASTER lights, the PLC doesn't communicate. [PLC Adaptor :Troubleshooting]
Answer... Please reactivate MASTER by plug off and on, then confirm PLC-LED turns On. This trouble happens when terminal turned off after MASTER recognized Terminal. Because MASTER doesn't have protocol for terminal status recognition.

No.9... Although PLC-LED of Terminal lights, the PLC doesn't work. (MASTER LED turns off) [PLC Adaptor :Troubleshooting]
Answer... It happens on the following conditions; the attestation ends halfway so that MASTER failed and TERMINAL success, in addition, the beacon can be seen. We recommend you to change an outlet to be connected.

No.10... The performance of network fell remarkably. On capturing packets, the same packets are consecutive in short time. [PLC Adaptor :Troubleshooting]
Answer... A loop may be made by PLCs. Please confirm whether to connect two PLC adaptors to a hub or not.

No.11... When I reactivate MASTER, TERMINAL LED was turn off, then light. [PLC Adaptor :Troubleshooting]
Answer... It is normal.
MASTER reactivation causes terminal reactivation in order to restart the TERMINAL.

No.12... TERMINAL can not be registered to MASTER. When I push 'SETUP' button of TERMINAL.. The PLC-LEDs of TERMINAL blink sequentially one by one. [PLC Adaptor :Troubleshooting]
Answer... The TERMINAL has been registered to the MASTER. It estimates the transmission speed between MASTER and TERMINAL.
For re-registration, please refer the registration page of the operating manual.
(*) you need to reset(factory default reset) the TERMINAL before register to another MASTER.'

No.13... The transmission speed seems low. [PLC Adaptor :Troubleshooting]
Answer... In case of the transmission condition with noise, communication band sharing by simultaneous transmissions of other devices, or making use of application with handshake transmission like TCP, the transmission speed might be low. For checking the transmission speed how Panasonic measured, please refer our website (URL addressed in operating manual).

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