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Electronic Whiteboard

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01 For meetings to plan design work or advertisements

Before-Customer needs
I want to save or print out written information to the board, in color.
I want to be able to distribute minutes of our meetings immediately or save them in electronic data.
I want to take maximum advantage of our limited conference room space.
I can save data onto an SD Memory Card or USB flash memory.
By using a Panasonic color MFP, I can print out data directly from the SD Memory Card.
I can print data by connecting a color printer.
I can save information as electronic data for easy distribution as an e-mail attachment, or for saving it onto a server.
Wall mounting allows efficient 2-screen use.
Data Distribution and Transferring Images
Recommended Models
UB-5838C / UB-5338C
  • Thin and Lightweight Film Board
  • SD Memory Card/USB Flash Memory Storage
  • USB PC Interface

Examples by Business Situations

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