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Electronic Whiteboard

Color Panaboard UB-5838C/UB-5338C

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Panaboard Overlayer Software CompatibilityColor ScanningEndless ScreenData StorageEco-Friendly DesignClear Marker Reproduction TechnologyPassword LockScreen Erase Announce Function

Share and Save Meeting Notes with a PC and Projector

Panaboard Overlayer Software* Compatibility

Panaboard Overlayer Software* allows you to utilize a projector to display information from your PC onto the whiteboard, while allowing you to write notes on the board. When the meetings finished, you can save these handwritten notes from the electronic whiteboard to your PC, which can then be merged with the projected image displayed from your PC as a PDF/JPEG file. Documents created with Panaboard Overlayer Software can then be easily distributed to all meeting participants, eliminating the need for handwritten notes.

YouTube: Panaboard Overlayer Software Quick Guide
Projector Configuration

* Panaboard Overlayer Software can be downloaded from the following website.

[System Requirements]
Operating System: Windows® XP SP3 or later / Windows Vista® SP2 or later / Windows® 7 SP1 or later / Windows® 8 (Windows® XP 64-bit edition is not supported.)
Web Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 or later


Color Scanning Capability
The notes that you write onto it during the meeting, are scanned in color. This gives you all the information you need at a glance.

One Board with the Writing Space of Two

Endless Screen

A new screen can be used without erasing the information on the previous screen. Simply press a button to scroll, even with a wall-mounted board.

Viewing the Panaboard from Above

Data Storage for Carry-About Convenience

Data Storage in Various Media

The scanned data can be stored onto an SD Memory Card*1 or USB flash memory*2 in PDF or JPEG format. This provides carry-anywhere convenience and enables easy data use using a variety of office equipment. For example, data can be printed directly from an MFP or printer*3, distributed as an e-mail attachment, or saved in a server. This is ideal for sharing and efficiently handling information.

*1 When using either an SD Memory Card or an SD Memory Card with Wireless LAN that exceeds 2 GB in capacity, connect the USB/SD Conversion Adaptor to the USB slot.
*2 Direct connection to a PC with USB cable is also possible.
*3 Regarding available printer, please click here

Environmentally Conscious

Eco-Friendly Design

It saves paper by directly downloading your written content onto a PC. Wasteful printouts are unnecessary, because it's equipped with a color LCD for confirming the scanned data.

Easy-to-Read 1.8" Color LCD

Accurate Scanning of Even Faded Text

Clear Marker Reproduction Technology

The faded marker text that was so difficult to scan can now be accurately scanned to produce easy-to-read conference notes.

Images saved by models other than the UB-5838C/UB-5338C / Images saved by the UB-5838C/UB-5338C

Helps Prevent Data Leaks

Password Lock for Operation

After turning on the power and setting a four-letter password, data cannot be saved until the password is input.

Enhances Information Management

Screen Erase Announce Function

By turning on the Screen Erase Announce function, an icon appears on the LCD when scanning is finished as a reminder that the board has not been erased.

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