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Electronic Whiteboard

Standard Panaboard -Metallic Design UB-7325/7320/5820/5320

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Endless ScreenUsing a Projector2-in-1 PrintMulti CopiesPC InterfaceQuick Image NavigatorPlain Paper Output Thermal Paper OutputEasy Installation

One Board with the Writing Space of Two / Three*

Whiteboard Mode

A new screen can be used without erasing the information on the previous screen. Simply press a button to scroll, even with a wall-mounted board.

* UB-7325 / UB-7320 : Three screens for writing and one screen for projector use

Viewing the Panaboard from Above

Two Functions in One

Using Projector

One of the four screens is designed to serve as a projector screen. This eliminates the need to provide a projector screen and the space to set up an ordinary projector screen for business meetings.

* UB-7325 / UB-7320 only.

Easily Compile Information

2-in-1 Print
You can print two screens' worth of information onto a single sheet (2-in-1 print), which simplifies the work of preparing materials and lowers paper costs.

Continuous Output of Up to Nine Copies

Multi Copies
Information on the Panaboard can be printed out immediately after the meeting. Up to nine copies can be printed one after the other, eliminating the need to make copies separately and ensuring that a copy is distributed to everyone.
Max. 9 copies

* The photo shows a plain paper type being used.

E-mail Distribution of Data

PC Interface

By using a TWAIN-compatible application*1 utility, you can connect the Panaboard directly to a PC with a USB cable, and upload the board data to the PC. Data of the proceedings can also be sent by e-mail to those who could not attend the meeting, or saved in a server for easy information sharing*2.

*1 This application is included in the provided CD-ROM.
*2 This is not a function of the main Panaboard unit.

Easy Data Display and Editing

Quick Image Navigator

Scanned data can be quickly displayed and edited. All information can be organized into folders for easy management, and the contents of the folders can be checked by viewing thumbnail displays. This boosts efficiency by eliminating the need to start-up an application in order to display or edit the folder's contents.

Viewing Image

Long-Term Storage

Plain Paper Output

The use of plain paper makes it easy to file it with other documents. Unlike thermal paper, plain paper minimizes fading and is ideal for long-term storage.

* UB-7325 only.

Reducing Costs Over Time

Thermal Paper Output

When ink and paper are considered, the cost is less than for plain paper, thus reducing expenses over a long period of time.

* UB-7320 / UB-5820 / UB-5320 only.

Adjust and Move to Match the Location

Height Adjustment, Wall Mounting, Casters

A 2-step height adjustment*1 function makes the Panaboard easy for anyone to use, from children to adults. Wall mounting and casters*1 allow it to be set up in various places, for use in schools, offices, or just about anywhere.

*1 Optional stand is required.

* The illustration shows a plain paper type being used.

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