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Interactive Whiteboard -Interactive Panaboard UB-8325

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With the UB-8325 linked to a PC, the electronic pen lets you use a wide range of tools on the whiteboard. Interactive operations like adding or revising data, and saving the content of the entire whiteboard, open the door to an exciting new dimension in presentations and meetings.

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1 Arrow
Allows the electronic pen to be used as a mouse.
2 Eraser
Erase lines by dragging the mouse.
3 Marker (black, red, blue, green)
Draw lines in each color by dragging the mouse.
4 Undo
You can undo an action.
5 Redo
Cancels the undo operation.
6 Refresh
Refreshes all of the drawn lines on the desktop.
7 All Clear
Clears all drawn lines.
8 Settings
Changes the width or color of the marker, and the size of the eraser.
9 White Background
Changes the background of the desktop to the whiteboard. Clicking once again cancels the whiteboard status.
10 Capture
Captures the desktop image as an image file. The file can be saved in bmp, jpg, or Tiff file format.
11 Print
Prints out the desktop image.
12 On-Screen Keyboard (handwriting tablet)
Displays the on-screen keyboard (handwriting tablet) or clears the display.
13 PowerPoint Slide Show
PowerPoint starts, and the slide show begins automatically.
14 REC Start
Recording of drawings is started or the first page is recorded depending on the recording method.
15 REC Stop
Stops recording and stores the recording data.
16 New Page or REC page
Saves the current page and starts the recording process for the next page. Or records the second or subsequent page.
17 Page No.
Displays the page number that is being recorded. The initial number is (0). When the (REC Start) icon is clicked, it changes to (1), and the following pages are numbered accordingly.
18 Shrinking

Shrinks the desktop drawing tools in 3 different sizes.

Expands the desktop drawing tools in 3 different sizes.

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