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What's Panaboard

What's Panaboard?

It means "good-bye to taking notes."

Panaboard is a revolutionary whiteboard that improves the efficiency of all types of meetings, both daily discussions and major presentations, and also allows information to be effectively shared between presenters and participants, and even with people who cannot attend.

Applications and Benefits

After a meeting, Panaboard scans and prints out the information written on the board.

This eliminates the need for taking notes during the meeting so everyone can concentrate on the discussion. Printouts of the board's information accurately convey the content to people who could not attend. This also prevents problems from mistakes in taking notes.

How does It Work?

With Panaboard, you simply press a button at the end of the meeting, and the information written on the board is scanned by a large-scale scanner, and saved on an SD Memory Card*1 or USB flash memory device*2 directly, or printed out on the spot from the built-in printer.*3 Stored data on the memory card or flash memory device can be sent from a PC, so people who weren't able to attend can still share the information, quickly and accurately.

*1 These functions are available only for the UB-5838C / UB-5338C.
*2 These functions are available only for the UB-5838C / UB-5338C / UB-5865 / UB-5365 / UB-5835 / UB-5335.
*3 UB-5838C / UB-5338C does not include a printer.

Operating Panel
Color Panaboard
Standard Panaboard

Panaboard Line-up

Wide Standard
Color Panaboard UB-5838C UB-5338C
Standard Panaboard UB-5820 UB-7325
UB-7320 UB-5320
UB-5865 UB-5365
UB-5835 UB-5335 UB-5310

What's a Color Panaboard?

Color Panaboard can scan written information in either color or black and white, and store the scanned data.
The scanned data can be easily transferred to a PC by using an SD Memory Card*, a USB flash memory device* or a USB cable, and distributed via email for easy sharing. The scanned data is also easy to carry about. When the optional printer is connected, scanned data can be printed out* immediately.
Color Panaboard gives you maximum power in presentations and conferences.

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* For information on SD Memory Cards, USB flash memory devices and external printers that can be connected to Panaboard, please click here.

What's a Standard Panaboard?

It's a whiteboard that lets you scan information written on the board in black and white, and immediately print it out.
The scanned data can be transferred to a PC by connecting the PC to Panaboard with a USB cable. The Panaboard lineup includes various models for different applications, ranging from the basic type to high-end models for use in hotel conference rooms and boardrooms.

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