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Multi-Function Laser (All-in-One)

The All-in-One Monochrome A4 MFP DP-MB310 Series / DP-MB250 Series / KX-MB2500 Series / KX-MB2200 Series

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High-speed, duplex printing in a compact body

28ppm Quick Duplexing

The DP-MB310 Series, DP-MB250 Series, KX-MB2500 Series and KX-MB2200 Series provide you high productivity with high-speed duplex printing at speeds of up to 28 pages per minute. Printing on one side of the page can be wasteful and inefficient. That‘s why these models feature a duplex printing capability. Conventional A4 size multi-function printers invert the pages one at a time, resulting in slow performance and poor productivity. Panasonic multi-function printers come standard with quick duplexing, making it possible to print both sides at virtually the same speed* as single-side printing.

* With the KX-MB2200 Series, duplexing productivity is 100%. With the DP-MB310 Series, DP-MB250 Series and KX-MB2500 Series, duplexing productivity is 93%.

Comparison of duplex printing speed

* Source: Panasonic survey in March, 2013.

Quick Duplexing

Continuous processing across pages for faster duplexing

Conventional Duplexing

Back and front pages are printed in order per sheet

Conventional Duplexing

After printing both sides of 1st sheet, printing of 2nd sheet starts.

Quick Duplexing

After printing the back of 1st sheet, printing the back of 2nd sheet starts.
After printing the front of 1st sheet, printing the back of 3rd sheet starts.

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