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Multi-Function Laser (All-in-One)

Smart All-in-One Machine KX-MB1500 Series

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Print, Copy, Scan, and Fax with One All-in-One Printer

Maximize Office Work Efficiency with a Single MFP

The KX-MB1500 Series handles printing, copying, scanning, and faxing* all by itself, so you only have to learn how to use a single machine. Installing the KX-MB1500 Series in an office that used to have several different machines to do these separate tasks will make everyone's work go more smoothly.

*The fax function is available only on the KX-MB1536 / KX-MB1530 / KX-MB1520.

Helping to Save Home Office Space

This single, all-in-one unit does it all, so there is no need for other equipment. As a result, it won't occupy your limited office space. Offices that were previously cluttered with equipment suddenly become spacious and easy to work in.

Space-Saving Compact Body

To allow the unit to fit into the tight spaces of a small home office, the body size has been minimized. An inner paper exit tray greatly reduces the protrusion of the body, cutting the actual installation area by approximately 22% and the volume by approximately 38%*.

* When comparing the KX-MB1536 with the KX-MB2030 excluding handset (manufactured by Panasonic in 2009).

Slim Back Design*1

The unit is designed to keep the power cord from getting in the way, allowing flexible placement*2.

*1 Depending on the type of wall, the unit may not be placed directly against the wall. When the KX-MB1536 is connected to a LAN network, and the ADF cover of the KX-MB1536 / KX-MB1530 / KX-MB1510 is opened, some back space is required.
*2 The both sides of the unit require some space to provide for ventilation and protection against overheating.

Slanted Control Panel

The slanted control panel is designed for easy use whether you are standing or sitting down, so it can be easily operated when placed on a shelf or a rack.

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