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Multi-Function Laser (All-in-One)

The All-in-One A4 Color MFP KX-MC6000 Series

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Easy Operation and Maintenance

Panel Operation Is Easy with a Clear 3.6-inch LCD Screen

The 3.6-inch LCD screen shows the direction in which the page will be printed and provides an N-in-1 preview in illustration form for confirmation. User-friendly Universal Design has enabled an easy-to-see screen and simple key operation.

Send After Viewing the Fax Preview

You can confirm faxes before they are sent, and SD Memory Card images before they are printed by viewing them on the screen. This helps to reduce paper costs by preventing unnecessary faxes and misprints.

Easy Maintenance from the Front

Front panel maintenance is a big feature of the KX-MC6000 Series. Most major maintenance tasks are handled from the front instead of the back of the unit. This makes maintenance easier, and also saves space -- which is important for offices that have limited space.

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