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Compact, High-Speed Fax Machines UF-5600 / UF-4600 (UF-5500 / UF-4500 for North America)

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High-Speed Scanning and PrintingColor ScanningLarge-Capacity, 480-Page Document MemoryJob BuildJunk Fax FilterMisdial Prevention

High-Speed Scanning and Printing

Speedy Faxing Boosts Work Efficiency

A scanning speed of approximately 3 seconds per page* and a printing speed of 24 ppm let you quickly and smoothly send outgoing faxes and print incoming faxes. At the touch of a button, multipage documents are on their way and you're free to do more important work.

* UF-5600 and UF-5500

Color Scanning

Saving Data in Color

Documents can be easily scanned into a PC in color. This lets you save colorful documents, such as leaflets, without losing the color information. You can also attach scanned files to an Email message and send them from the PC.

Large-Capacity, 480-Page Document Memory

Large-Capacity Memory Eliminates Downtime

The large-capacity, 8-MB document memory stores up to 480 document pages*. That's more than enough memory to easily handle several highvolume jobs at once.

* UF-5600 and UF-5500. Based on ITU-T Image No. 1 scanned in standard mode.

Stores document data for approximately 480 pages.

Job Build

Send Large-Volume Jobs in a Single Transmission

When a large job exceeds the ADF capacity, the Job Build function lets you batch feed the job into memory, and then assembles it into a single transmission.
Because the recipient is able to receive a large volume of documents at once, it prevents the possibility that he or she will fail to receive everything or that the documents will get mixed up with others that were sent by someone else.

Example: Sending 60 Pages

Junk Fax Filter

Refuse Unwanted Faxes

Block junk faxes by registering unwanted senders. This is a great way to prevent wasting paper, toner and valuable time on junk faxes.

Misdial Prevention

No More Sending Faxes to the Wrong Party

The following three functions put a stop to information leaks by preventing mistakes when sending.

1.Direct Dial Re-Input
When dialing directly, transmission is permitted only when the same number is dialed twice.

2.Direct Dial Prohibition
Transmission is permitted only to destinations that have already been registered.

3.Destination Confirmation
When the number of a registered recipient is retrieved, transmission is permitted only after confirming the number by pressing the cursor key.

4.Entry Confirmation
When using the One-Touch key to select multiple destinations, the Set key must be pressed to confirm each destination.

1.Direct Dial Re-Input

2.Direct Dial Prohibition

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