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Reliable, High-Performance Fax Machines UF-8300 / UF-7300 (UF-8200 / UF-7200 for North America)

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Large-Capacity Paper TrayReliable, Large-Capacity, 100-Sheet ADFDual G3 PortJob BuildJunk Fax FilterMisdial PreventionUser Authentication and Job TrackingInternet Fax / Scan-to-Email

Large-Capacity Paper Tray

Office Productivity Is Increased by Reducing Paper Replenishment Time

The large-capacity paper tray holds up to 1,100 sheets*, so faxes can be efficiently received even in offices with high-volume use. There is no more need to worry about lost opportunities because you ran out of paper.

* With the optional 2nd Paper Feed Module.

Reliable, Large-Capacity, 100-Sheet ADF

An Excellent ADF Enables Smooth, Sure Fax Transmission

This reliable, large-capacity, 100-sheet ADF (automatic document feeder) resists double-feeding and paper jams. Because it is possible to send a large number of documents in a single operation, faxing is quick and easy, even in offices that send a lot of documents.

Dual G3 Port*

Expandable Communications Volume

In addition to the standard single G3 line, you can add an optional G3 port to give you a maximum of two lines. This increases work efficiency by reducing the occurrence of busy fax lines without having to increase the number of fax machines.

* Optional

Job Build

Send Large-Volume Jobs in a Single Transmission

When a large job exceeds the ADF capacity, the Job Build function lets you batch feed the job into memory, and then assembles it into a single transmission.
Because the recipient is able to receive a large volume of documents at once, it prevents the possibility that he or she will fail to receive everything or that the documents will get mixed up with others that were sent by someone else.

Junk Fax Filter

Refuse Unwanted Faxes

Block junk faxes by registering unwanted senders. This is a great way to prevent wasting paper, toner and valuable time on junk faxes.

Misdial Prevention

No More Sending Faxes to the Wrong Party

The following three functions put a stop to information leaks by preventing mistakes when sending.

1.Direct Dial Re-Input
When dialing directly, transmission is permitted only when the same number is dialed twice.

2.Direct Dial Prohibition
Transmission is permitted only to destinations that have already been registered.

3.Destination Confirmation
When the number of a registered recipient is retrieved, transmission is permitted only after confirming the number by pressing the cursor key.

1.Direct Dial Re-Input

2.Direct Dial Prohibition

User Authentication and Job Tracking*

Information Security Is Increased by Limiting Access

Unauthorized use by unregistered people is prevented by registering user names and passwords in the Windows Active Directory server database. User authentication supports easy tracking and management of all data sent and received.

* Standard on the UF-8300/8200. The UF-7300/7200 require the optional I-Fax/Email/Network Scanner module.

Internet Fax / Scan-to-Email*

No Communication Charge Necessary

An Internet fax is much speedier than a fax machine that uses a telephone line, and communication costs are lower. Also, the Scan-to-Email function, which lets you send documents from a fax machine directly to a recipient's PC by e-mail, greatly simplifies communications.

* Standard on the UF-8300/8200. The UF-7300/7200 require the optional I-Fax/Email/Network Scanner module.

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