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Comparison Sheet

The Panasonic Multi-Cell DECT System keeps you in constant touch with colleagues and customers even when you are unmetered and moving within the work environment.


Multi Zone

Enhanced Mobility

This multi-cell DECT system provides automatic hand-over between installed cell stations ? enhancing coverage and giving you true communication mobility even within large premises, and enabling you to have comfortable conversations no matter where you are in the office.

IP Cell Station

Expandable Call Range

An IP cell station allows you to connect a PBX via LAN. If there is a LAN in your work place, you can communicate with remote locations, such as branch offices, via an IP cell station, increasing the efficiency of your business. Even If you do not have a LAN, you can use a repeater to expand the range of calls within the same office. Feel free to expand the call range according to your business needs.

Noise Measures/Noise Reduction

Clearer Voice Communication*

With conventional phones, it is hard to hear the other party when they are in a noisy environment such as a factory, because their voice gets muffled by the noise. With the KX-TCA series, the Noise Reduction function can be enabled with the press of a button to reduce surrounding noise and hear the other party's voice clearly. In addition, the KX-TCA series automatically adjusts the receiver volume to an easy to-hear level if it detects noise when moving from a quiet place to a noisy place. This provides comfortable voice calls without stress.

  • * This function is for the KX-TCA385/285/185.

Bluetooth® Support*

Flexible and Efficient Hands-free Communication

Because work in factories and the healthcare and retail industries often requires both hands to be used, it can be difficult to communicate while holding a phone. The Panasonic KX-TCA385/285 supports Bluetooth®, which enables you to communicate using a cable-free headset while working, leading to improved work efficiency.

  • * This function is for the KX-TCA385/285.


Extension Number Integration

With the Wireless XDP Parallel function, you can set your DECT handset to the same extension number as your desk phone, enabling you to receive calls when you’re away from your desk. This means you can take calls without making the customer wait.

DECT Paging

Group and Conference Call Functions

The DECT paging function of this multi-cell DECT system enables you to both send instructions to and hold conversations with multiple colleagues at once. This allows you to select a communication method suitable for conducting your work efficiently.


Improved Work Efficiency*

Phone numbers inside computer documents and e-mail can be dialed from the DECT handset simply by clicking them. There is no need for you to remove your hand from the computer’s mouse to make a call.

  • * This function is for the KX-TCA series.

Dust and Splash Resistant Handset (IP65 Compliant*)

*IP6:Dust Resistance, no invading of dust.*IP4:Water Resistance, protection against Splash Water.
  • * IP65 compliant: Protection against water spray from any direction and protection against dust entering the handset.

The KX-TCA385 ruggedized handset meets strict dust and splash resistant IP65 standards.