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Adding Toner

When the print is faint and the toner message is displayed, the toner supply may be almost depleted. However, the printer may print additional pages if you shake the Process Unit a few times. Fill the toner in the Process Unit using toner cartridge KX-P458. The instructions below are the outline procedures. For detailed instructions, please refer to the KX-P458 instructions manual.

Extending the toner life

  1. Shake the Process Unit.

Refilling the toner

  1. Disconnect the AC line cord and the printer / computer cable.
  2. Close the paper support and the output tray (top cover).
  3. Open the left cover.
  4. Remove the Process Unit by holding the green labeled tabs and pulling it toward you.
    1. Place the protective sheet over the green drum.
    2. Put the Process Unit into the plastic bag and close the bag.
  5. Open the toner cover of the Process Unit.
  6. Remove the affixed protective sheet from the toner cartridge.
  7. Place the toner cartridge on the Process Unit, and slide the toner cartridge to the left until it stops.M
  8. Shake the Process Unit, and tap the toner cartridge to let the toner fall into the Process Unit.
  9. Remove the toner cartridge by sliding it to the right and lifting.

Use of toner other than Genuine Panasonic Toner KX-P458 can damage this process unit and the Printer's fuser. THIS WILL VOID THE WARRANTY OF THE PRINTER AND PROCESS UNIT. Do not expose the Process Unit to light for more than 5 minutes, or to direct sunlight.

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