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01 Health Care

Hospitals, dental clinics, healthcare centers and other medical organizations handle a wide range of paper documents, such as appointment slips, health insurance information, medical records and prescriptions for patients and outpatients.
Panasonic Provides the Following Functions to Help Streamline Your Medical Information Management
[A] Mixed-Document Feeding
Continuously scans documents of various sizes.
[B] Multiple Hard ID Card Scanning

Scans three cards one after the other, such as ID cards, insurance cards and embossed cards.

* With the KV-S7097/KV-S7077, the Multi-crop function lets you scan various sizes of document and cards all at once, then crop whatever parts you need.

[C] Double Exposure For ID Cards

Displays both sides of a card on the same screen.

[D] Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection

Detects double-feeding instantaneously.

[E] Supports Long Paper Scanning
Saves long documents such as electrocardiogram records.
[F] Small Footprint
The compact unit size enables easy setup on a desktop.
Recommended Models
KV-S4085CW/CL, KV-S4065CW/CL
KV-S5076H, KV-S5046H
KV-S7097, KV-S7077
KV-S1057C, KV-S1027C
KV-SL1066, KV-SL1056
KV-S1065C, KV-S1046C
KV-S1026C, KV-S1015C

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