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Long-term storage and management of contracts and checks can require enormous amounts of time and effort for financial institutions and insurance companies that deal with huge amounts of customer information. With their easy digital filing, scanners promote paperless document management. Conversion to digital data also allows easy searching and retrieval of information whenever needed.
Panasonic Provides the Following Functions to Help Streamline Your Financial Information Management
[A] High-Speed, High-Volume Scanning
Scans a large amount of documents at high speed.
[B] Mixed-Document Feeding
Continuously scans documents of various sizes.
[C] Automatic Cropping and De-Skewing
The De-skewing function adjusts images scanned at an angle, and the Cropping function properly trims the images.
[D] Blank Page Removal
Removes documents with a blank back page from data to simplify document management and improve search efficiency.
[E] Flatbed Scanning
For scanning books, drawings, and other special documents.
Recommended Models
KV-S8147, KV-S8127
KV-S4085CW/CL, KV-S4065CW/CL
KV-S5076H, KV-S5046H
KV-S7097, KV-S7077
KV-S1057C, KV-S1027C
KV-SL1066, KV-SL1056
KV-S1065C, KV-S1046C

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