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Government and other public offices handle a wide range of paper documents, such as application forms, permissions, certificates and licenses. These documents contain various types of personal information. Converting them into digital data with a scanner significantly improves the information management efficiency, and digital data can be shared on-line with other government offices and local offices.
Panasonic Provides the Following Functions to Help Streamline Government Office Work
[A] High-Speed, High-Volume Scanning
Scans a large amount of documents at high speed.
[B] Mixed-Document Feeding

Continuously scans documents of various sizes.

[C] ToughFeed

Detects stapled documents to minimize damage to the documents and equipment.

[D] Blank Page Removal
Removes documents with a blank back page from data to simplify document management and improve search efficiency.
[E] Automatic Memory Erase
Automatically deletes data in the scanner memory to ensure high information security.
[F] Flatbed Scanning
For scanning books, drawings, and other special documents.
Recommended Models
KV-S8147, KV-S8127
KV-S4085CW/CL, KV-S4065CW/CL
KV-S5076H, KV-S5046H
KV-S7097, KV-S7077
KV-S1057C, KV-S1027C
KV-SL1066, KV-SL1056
KV-S1065C, KV-S1046C

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